Board 2017

Position Term Members
Elder 2017 Robert Griffth
Ken Cutway
Chris Clark
Barbara Keefer
2018 Bob Griffith
John Sommer

Deacon's 2017 Sheri Walker
Derek Chew
Lynn Cutway
Lee Speicher
Jessica Brett
Carrie Brett
Bob Rhodes
Debbie Rhodes
2018 Shirley Kistler
Ray Schmidtr
Debbie Zedek
Clyde Gibson
Joetta Gibson
Gary Alcorn
Diana Sommer
Jeff Speicher

Clerk / Secratary 2017 Dawn Gabriel
Trustee 2017 George Stump
2018 Bob Sommer
2019 George Stump
Financial Secretary 2017 Robert Sommer
Asst. Fin. Secretary 2017 Chuck & Connie Culp

Sunday School

Adults Randy White Parlor
Children Grades 3-6 Cindy Ball Clowns
Children Grades 7-12 Diane Johnson Jr / Sr High
Preschool Valerie Brett Animals
Children's Church During Worship

Christian Education Commitee Chairperson - Cindy Ball

Christian Education is the committee tasked with helping each of us understand who Jesus is and what we believe as Disciples of Christ. The focus is on Sunday School classes for children, youth, and adults, and any special classes such as Lenten or small group studies for adults and Vacation Bible School for Children. The Youth Group for high school kids also falls under this umbrella.

Stewardship - Kevin Brett, Chair

This committee takes on the job of teaching us that "it is more blessed to give than to receive." Stewardship uses a number of different times and teaching tools to help us not allow "money or possessions" to become "god" in our lives. They especialy focus on the biblical idea of tithing: sharing 10% of our talents and earning with God and His children.

Membership - Dawn Gabriel, Chair

The Membership Committee is one of the biggest active committees in the church. We are responsible for annual events, such as the Ice Cream Social, New Member/Graduation Teas and the Congregational Dinner. We also work alongside the other committees for activities like the Summer Family Picnic and Bell Ringing for the Outreach team.